Creative Chinuch design studio creates top quality Jewish educational material for clients worldwide.

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What We Do

3. Design


Over the years we have helped many companies and organizations develop a branding identity that they are proud of. Whether it’s a brand new corporate identity or reinvigorating an ancient brand, we have the talent, capacity and innovation to deliver.

  • Full Branding Packages: Including logo, patterns, iconography, coloring & typography with style guide.
  • Logo design
  • Rebranding
  • Corporate material: Business cards, letterheads, email signatures, Social media profiles and covers etc.
Work: - Helvetia Branding
- GR Watson Branding Set
- One Source Suppliers
- D-RA - LTL Rebranding Get in touch.

Print Design

  • Seforim, Books & Publications: Development, Design & Layout
  • Posters, Flyers & Billboards
  • ​Brochures, Magazines
  • Packaging Design
​​​​​​​ Work: - Back to Basics
- Colel Chabad Tzedakah Curriculum
- Tishrei Magazine
- Jewrap - Tefillin Campaign - Brochure for Chanukah More... Get in touch

Digital Design

  • Web Design & Development
  • Online Promotion
  • Social Media Content
  • Email Marketing Design
  • Ebooks
  • App Design
Work: - Igud Hamelamdim Website - Trigz Corn Snacks Website & Social Media - Redcon Property Website - Shoshana Centner Artist Branding &Website ​​​​​​- ​Light For Peace - Chanukah Social Media Campaign - Colel Chabad - Interactive Kiosk More... Get in touch

2. Draw


We use in-house and also outsourced illustrators with a range of styles in order to get the right style for your project. Whether it's a; ​Jewish cartoon style, an abstract & childish style, a sketch & comic style or a digital vector style we've got you covered. Contact us for details

1. Write

Teaching & Learning Material

We get it. We're teachers ourselves. Not used-to-be teachers, current teachers! We understand the importance of developing and designing a standards-driven curriculum that is relevant, accurate and engaging. Get in touch to find out more

Research Papers on Torah Topics

Creative Chinuch will research & write an analysis of any Torah topic with sources for your project. While capitalizing on new Torah research technologies, we also engage expert scholars in particular fields to advise and support our research work. Get in touch to find out more


We offer proofreading services for your manuscript geared towards Jewish projects. We have rich experience in working with Nusach corrections, applying and correctign nekudos, finding sources, correcting English grammar, correcting English sentense stucture, improving voice tone, improving content engagement, making language relevant to specific age groups, religous level groups (including mixed Hebrew/ English and Yiddish).


We have rich experience in translating original works in Hebrew and Yiddish to English and vise versa, including very old texts.

Textual Explanations

Explaining and presenting texts with explanations inside the text and/or with pre-source introductions and post source synopsis to engage the layman student.

4. Typesetting

English Books

Besides a beautiful typeset and layout, when you're looking to get your manuscript typeset, you'll need to work with someone who knows how to set it up so that changes (of which there will be) take minutes, not months. Get in touch for a free consult.

Children's Books

Besides the illustrations and writing, we can typeset and layout your children's book to be a classic bed-time favourite!

Hebrew Seforim

Whether you're publishing a sefer for Yeshiva bochrim, Baale batim or Rabbonim, you'll need to work with a team who understand the nuances of Hebrew typefaces- the pros and cons, culturally appropriate design, version management, file aand book management as well as printing requirements, distribution channels and fundraising options. Get in touch with us for a free consult.


We work with clients to get their magazine content production system down pat while finding how we can best adapt ourselves to fit our clients' needs. We can assist with every step of the process (we're not printers, but we'll give you a preint ready version along withyour digitaly published version to share).

5. Video

Animation & Video Editting

We have rich exprerience in smooth- flow animation and video editting. Get in touch to find out more.



Pricing Model

At Creative Chinuch, we believe that great business is about great relationships. So we'll discuss the project and working with you in a pricing model that works best for you, your workflow and the nature of the project at hand.

Generally, we will work with either

a fixed-price / per project rate


an hourly rate.

Our hourly rate is









is about




The Team


Reuven Centner

Sales & Creative Director


Chaya new web.jpg

Chaya Centner

Co-Director, Admin


koketso 2-8.png

Koketso Letlape

Creative & Marketing



Jonathan Kadima

Vector Illustrator & Animator




Some of the amazing people that we are proud to work with

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