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What we do


Over the years we have helped many companies and organizations develop a branding identity that they are proud of.

Whether it’s a brand new corporate identity or reinvigorating an ancient brand, we have the talent, capacity and innovation to deliver.

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conversation. Let’s chat.

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  • Identity & Branding

Full Branding Package
Including Logo, Patterns, Iconography, Coloring & Typography with Style Guide.

from A$1,000  |  R10,000  |  US$685


from A$770  |  R7,700  |  US$535



from A$500  |  R5,000  |  US$350

Corporate Material
Business Cards, Letterheads, Email Signatures etc.

from A$150  |  R1,500  |  US$105

Branding Examples:

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You’ll need people who understand what you’re about, to get the message across to the people you’re aiming at.

Whether it’s a local outdoor or international online campaign, we’ve got the know-how to engage your
people and turn that into what matters.

Who are you targeting?

Let’s chat.

Let's get your message across.

  • Design & Layout

Posters & flyers

from A$200  |  R2,000  |  US$150


from A$200  |  R2,000  |  US$150

Brochures / Magazines
4 pages

from A$400  |  R4,000  |  US$275

8 pages

from A$800  |  R8,000  |  US$550


from A$500  |  R5,000  |  US$350

  • Advertising - Print & Digital

Let's Go Digital!

  • Web Design & Development

  • Games & Apps Design & Development

  • Project Management & Contract Control

Promotion Examples:

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Being in the field of education means that we are all about empowering people with knowledge.

What’s their “inner-eating-them-up” and how can we empower and guide people to move in a positive direction?

At Creative Chinuch, we believe that if people are educated about your cause, they’ll respond positively to your influence.

Who do you want to move?

Let’s chat about it.


Let's move people!

  • Set Goals & Strategize

  • Campaign Planning & Management

  • Social Media Content

  • Report & Review

Social Projects Examples:

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The heart of the Creative Chinuch vision is a proud and engaged Jewish community.

We see our role in that vision as supporters of the teachers, who are making that vision happen, one student at a time.


Creative Chinuch teams up with authors & educators to produce engaging Jewish educational material that helps teachers focus on what they do best.

If you have innovative ideas for Jewish education, let’s make a time to chat about it.


Let's put your book together!

  • Curriculum Writing & Development

  • Copywriting

  • Design & Layout

  • Illustrations

  • Project Management & Contract Control

Publication Examples:

Illustration Samples:

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Pricing Model

At Creative Chinuch, we believe that great business is about great relationships. So we'll discuss the project and working with you in a pricing model that works best for you, your workflow and the nature of the project at hand.

Generally, we will work with either

a fixed-price / per project rate


an hourly rate.

Our hourly rate is









is about




The Team

Reuven Centner

Director, Sales

Chaya Centner

Co-Director, Admin

Koketso Letlape

Creative & Marketing

Jonathan Kadima

Vector Illustrator

Affiliates & Advisory

Rabbi Noam Wagner

Educational Content Advisory

Yaakov Hellinger

Marketing Copywriter

Shoshana Centner

Illustration & Art

Daniel Gould

Curriculum Writer, Educational Advisory

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