• Chaya

Colel Chabad - Interactive Educational Kiosk

With the opening of the new Colel Chabad Visitor's Centre in Jerusalem, they wanted to engage the younger visitors with a kiosk that would educate, entertain and collect valuable, real-time data about the way people give and present it in a exciting way.

Creative Chinuch produced two seperate apps. One teaches and entertains while collecting information about the user's giving tendencies and stores it on an online server, while the other reads and presents the data in an engaging way to users and passers-by.

The kiosk also collects contact information and send out a PDF report to the user's email.

When Colel Chabad approached us with the project, we drove the project right through from the concept to the desing and content development, through to app development, testing and completion.

Next time you're in Jerusalem, go visit.

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